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About Us

Solange Werner



Hello, Hola, …. and greetings to you in whatever language you love!  My name is Solange Werner and I founded ILG in 2008 based on my love and passion for people, cultures, and the languages we all speak and write to express ourselves in this beautiful fabric of individuals, societies, and cultures we call the world.

I started Into Languages Global based on my realization that true interpretation is so much more than just speaking another language.  Interpreting and translating is an art that involves not only speaking the other language and converting the words from one language to another, but really requires one to master both languages to capture the true meaning of what we are trying to convey. We aim to improve the access to affordable and quality language services and bring people together, integrating markets through accurate and thoughtful communication.

Prior to founding ILG, I worked as a manager of interpreters and translators and was often surprised at how ineffective they were at translating the true meaning and cultural “feel” of what was being expressed.  I saw how many things were missed in translations when using untrained staff and people who merely “spoke” the other language. That is why when I founded ILG, I made an absolute commitment to eliminating my clients’ risks of leaving with unprofessional interpretation. We put great emphasis on identifying the needs of our clients and to provide solutions through offering value to their organization with our professional services.

I hire and train only interpreters who have a background in the protocols of interpreting and translating, professionals who can not only interpret the literal words but also have mastery in the two languages and can capture and convey the deeper cultural significance of what was being said or written.  This dedication to “cultural quality communication,” as I call it, continues to serve as the hallmark standard for Into Languages Global today, even as we have expanded to include over 200 languages and dialects.  As the Owner and Chief Executive of ILG, I promise that you will be delighted with the interpretation and translating services you receive from our wonderful company!